Masonry is the backbone of Eyges & Hall. It’s how we got started nearly thirty years ago, relying on techniques we learned from our fathers and grandfathers. We learned the fundamentals of stone selections, stone cutting, and mortar mixing and started building brick walls, chimneys, and foundations, and have since expanded to cover all kinds of brick, stone, and asphalt work.

For patios, retaining walls, and walkways, we prefer stone—flagstone, slate, bluestone, or limestone—as it reflects unique character, stability, and grandeur. Its variations in color, pattern, and texture are impossible to replicate, which creates a more interesting visual. Like the monuments of the ancient world, it is everlasting. Further, no chemical or artificial substance goes into its fabrication.

When cost permits, we prefer masonry walls for new structures of a thickness capable of withstanding the elements, retaining heat, and bearing heavy loads. For heavy moisture environments, we use hollow concrete blocks that catch moisture in the hollow part of the block and stop it from seeping into walls and causing mold.

We are also skilled at residing or repointing all manner of brick, stone, concrete walls. We have build and working on thousands (perhaps millions) of square feet of wall over the years and are committed to making your home, building, or other property shine and a newly constructed or restored structure.

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