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    Call us anytime at (914) 325-2167
  • High Quality, Fair Price
    High Quality, Fair Price


A Irvington-based firm specializing in kitchens and bathrooms

We are a Irvington-based construction firm specializing in kitchens and bathrooms. Our primary client base is the Rivertowns, however we serve homeowners throughout Westchester County.

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High Quality, Fair Price

Plumbing and Heating

Our plumbers have decades of experience plumbing a variety of residential and commercial jobs. We keep abreast of the latest plumbing technology to ensure the highest-quality and most cost-effective solutions, whether you need new lines, replacements, or additions.

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Our excavators have been running large equipment decades. We grade, dig ponds and sewers lines, excavate ditches for water lines or gas lines and operate trenchers that install flexible pipes beneath the ground without creating ditches. We break rock, dig foundations, move logs, and other large obstacles to building. We also move equipment and materials of all kinds for other contractors, and provide backfill services. 

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Masonry is the backbone of Eyges & Hall. It’s how we got started nearly thirty years ago, relying on techniques we learned from our fathers and grandfathers. We learned the fundamentals of stone selections, stone cutting, and mortar mixing and started building brick walls, chimneys, and foundations, and have since expanded to cover all kinds of brick, stone, and asphalt work.

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General Remodeling and Construction

We bring an artist's eye to remodeling and construction. Most importantly, we look to maximize your home's existing assets. If you have French doors and their sealed, we'd recommend restoring. We especially enjoy maximizing the original charm's of old houses. We work with top-notch suppliers to deliver and install all manner of cabinetry, flooring, appliance, and siding.

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